Happy New Year! I hope you all had amazing holidays. Now that party is over, it is with sadness I realise I got a few extra pounds after indulging in all-amazing holiday food. Oh well, there are times when it is impossible to say no! I am also proud to say I have already worked out 3 times this year 🙂 As difficult as it is, we have to jump back on that horse and admit that carrot is our new best friend.

M&S sportswear Are you ready to work out? I know I am, although still need to buy myself a few bits here and there (hush…I definitely need another sports bra). Yeah, sports bra is important! 🙂
It is our lucky day ladies 🙂 Marks & Spencer has an amazing new innovative sportswear range. Anything from low to high impact sportswear. Move freely with medium-impact sports bra if you are doing yoga, cycling or skiing. Seam-free and fully breathable! Reversible too! If you are into training hard, up your game with a high-impact sports bra. Proper stuff here girls, thicker straps, V-panel insert and flex-wire to give you full support! Make sure you choose the right one for yourself. They look sexy too!
Do not forget to add matching sleek leggings to your new buy. Happy sporting everyone!