Welcome to the Spring! I am very happy that spring has finally arrived. The air smells different, the sun is shining better and birds chirping is so much less annoying now as you know they are just as happy its spring! 🙂 I would say..well get your shoes on and get out of the house! Hehe, yes can do, as I got myself two new pairs of shoes and I ought to take them out!

patterned dress

BooHoo.com spring clearance is on ladies, with so much to offer. Mums can treat themselves to beautiful new wardrobe or add to the shoe collection by taking full advantage of real bargains that are available now. I know I did!

They’ve got all kind of stuff too: casual, evening, cocktail dresses, knitwear and any type of shoes to go with it. patterned and cocktail dresses



Happy bargain hunting ladies!