A is the first letter of every alphabet and in our #MUMSabc it stands for such an important thing as Aptamil.

Aptamil is an expert in infant milk, who can help you in making the right feeding choices for you and your baby.

Aptamil has successfully fed millions of babies worldwide for over 50 years so you can rest assured that they have plenty of experience in baby nutrition. The team of over 250 passionate paediatricians, nutritionists and scientists continue to take inspiration from the benefits of breastmilk to develop unique formulas, helping your baby get the nutrition he or she needs at every stage of development.

Well, basically it is one of the best breastmilk substitutes out there. You can use it if combination feeding or if baby is not being breastfed because there is an Aptamil for every stage.

The Aptamil range progresses with your baby’s own development and it includes First milk, Hungry milk, Follow On milk and Growing Up milk.

Aptamil Baby Milk 1 Aptamil Baby Milk 2

Aptamil Baby Milk 3 Aptamil Baby Milk 1+

Go to Lloyds Pharmacy to find a suitable Aptamil for your little one.

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